Weeb.sh privacy policy

Data that is collected when you visit our website

When you visit our website (https://weeb.sh or https://docs.weeb.sh), Cloudflare, a service provider we utilize, set's a cookie that is used to make sure that you don't pose any harm. This cookie is necessary to keep our website a bit more protected from systems/users with bad intents. You can read more on that cookie here: https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/200170156-What-does-the-Cloudflare-cfduid-cookie-do- However, if you don't want to get this cookie, you may use a so-called "cookie blocker" although this may impact the functionality of the website. Therefore usage is on your own discretion. In addition to this cookie, Cloudflare saves analytical data, like what kind of data you download from our site (images, scripts, etc.), where you come from (country), whether you visited the page with ssl or not and the time of your visit. This analytical data is anonymized, so we are unable to track a single user based on the data Cloudflare collects.

Data that is collected when you write us emails

When you apply for access to weeb.sh or write an email to [email protected], Zendesk, a service provider we utilize for handling emails in the form of support tickets, will create a ticket that contains your name (As set in your email settings), your email address, the content of the email, the gravatar of your email and when it was received. Zendesk allows us to respond to inquiries in a timely manner and correlate new requests with old requests that were made by the same person. We need to collect this data to be able to properly respond to requests from users and to secure ourselves to make sure a user can't gain access to the service twice.

Data that is collected when you utilize our apis

When you or an automated system you operate (a Discord bot for example) makes a request to our API (hosted at https://api.weeb.sh and https://staging.weeb.sh), we forward the IP address, the User-Agent header, the URL visited, the API used (version, environment, name) as well as the id, username and discordId of the account associated with the token calling the API to Google Analytics. We also track usage of our service in general through log files, which contain the IP, user-agent and response times + response code from our api. This data is required to allow us to monitor the usage of our service and make sure that we can react to spikes in the amount of requests in a timely manner as well as protect our infrastructure from misbehaving users.

Where data is stored that you send to our service:

If you utlize our API to store data, this data will be stored on digitalocean servers located in Frankfurt (Germany). At this point we don't plan to have data that you store on our platform to ever leave the EU.


If you wish to get access to the data we collected on you or request deletion of such, you may write us an email at [email protected] (This email should not be used for applying to get access to weeb.sh, application emails send to it, will be completely ignored and deleted).

Please make sure to include what data you want to receive/have deleted. (e.g. api request data, email request data and similar). Your data will be delivered to you in an industry standard format after a maximum of 30 business days after we received the request.